Welfare treatment


The regular shift is 22 days and 8 hours, the base salary is 2360 yuan according to the wage standard of Shenzhen, and the overtime pay is calculated according to the labor law.(long day shift, wearing ordinary work clothes, stable overtime and comfortable working atmosphere)Harmonious, timely salary payment, comprehensive salary 5000-6500 yuan).

Full attendance award: 50 yuan / month;The seniority award is 100 yuan / month for one year, 200 yuan / month for two years, and the maximum is300 yuan.

Some technical posts such as QA / warehouse keeper have post allowance of 200-1200 yuan.


When purchasing social security, the company has sufficient supply of goods, stable overtime and comfortable and harmonious working atmosphere.

The production line staff are provided with 240 yuan / month meal allowance. The dormitory has free WiFi, water and electricity expenses are shared equally, and the dormitory is equipped with electric water heater and air conditioner;There are clean and sanitary facilities in the park.The restaurant is convenient for employees to eat.Give out fruit once a week

Hold a collective birthday party for employees every month, give exquisite birthday cards, birthday gifts and share birthday cakes;Enjoy national legal holidays, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other festivals every year, distribute welfare gifts, and irregularly organize cultural and recreational activities such as tug of war to enrich employees' spare time life.

Organize staff dinners and lucky draw activities at the end of the year, select excellent employees of the year, and pay bonuses according to the operation of the company.

There is a \"Excellent Employee\" selection activity, and cash rewards will be given to outstanding employees