• Network set top box refuse to get stuck? Just pay attention to these points
    Network set top box as an intelligent household appliance, long-term use will cause varying degrees of damage. The reason for the TV jam is that there are too many software installed, or the original memory of the set-top box is too small. This requires the configuration of the network set-top box itself.

    In the later use process, many users will forget to turn off the network set-top box for their own reasons. This kind of behavior will not only cause the loss of power, but also make the network set-top box internal aging or burning, causing great harm to the network set-top box, so that there will be the so-called stuck, poor heat dissipation problems.

    The network set-top box will accumulate a lot of system garbage under long-term use, so you need to clean the box regularly to "slim down". We can download dangbei market on the network set top box and install dangbei assistant in it. Dangbei assistant has the functions of memory cleaning, cache cleaning, self starting management, application unloading, device detection, network speed measurement, etc. One click cleaning system garbage, so that the box does not card worry.

    New users of network set-top box must pay attention to the maintenance of set-top box, or they will have to change the network set-top box every three to five. It is very important to choose the right network set-top box, but it is more important to maintain the network set-top box.
  • Cheaper price "buy a better set top box"
    Today, lieyun.com (wechat: ilieyun) learned that the previously reported 3C digital leasing platform has obtained tens of millions of RMB a + round financing, and the investor is ant financial services. The financing funds will be mainly used to consolidate the service foundation and expand new markets.

    This round of financing is invested by ant financial services, which reflects the giant's recognition in the field of digital leasing. Yang Wei, founder of neihe, said that ant financial services has been paying more attention to new retail and consumption upgrading“ The service provided by Alipay's credit branch is more valuable, and what kind of credit scenario can be provided. This investment may be an important layout made by Ali out of strategic considerations, because we need each other. "

    Founded in September 2015, neihe mainly provides rental services for photography, video, mobile phone, intelligent cool play and other categories of equipment, and provides new value from two aspects: one is to help ordinary users obtain high-value 3C digital equipment at low cost; the other is to provide product hosting and external leasing services for individuals with high value digital products.
  • Ecovida global technology giant Qi Liangxiang July 3E Beijing Consumer Electroni
    From service robots to intelligent hardware, from intelligent travel to automatic driving, from face recognition to unmanned stores, these cutting-edge technology products gathered together to form 3E Beijing International Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as "3E Exhibition"). As an influential and influential event in the field of global consumer electronics and intelligent products, 3e exhibition will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from July 7 to 9.

    The exhibition scale is nearly 40000 square meters, attracting more than 300 enterprises from 13 countries, and the total number of participants is expected to reach 40000. Relying on the outstanding performance of technology leading, industrial innovation, industry focus, exhibition scale and exhibition level, 3e has become the forefront of active competition and strong innovation consciousness in the global market.

    This exhibition has attracted a number of world-famous exhibitors, including Amazon, Huawei, Jingdong, Hikvision, iFLYTEK and other technology companies and e-commerce platforms. They will show the latest technological achievements at the same exhibition.
  • The history of set top box can be traced back to the 1940s and 1950s
    In the 1960s, before astronauts were sent to the moon, NASA had to survey the surface of the moon. However, engineers found that the analog signal sent back by the detector was mixed with other rays in the universe, so weak that the receiver on the ground could not convert the signal into a clear image. So the engineers had to think of another way. After that, digital image technology developed faster, mainly due to the technological competition during the cold war. And these technologies are mainly used in the military field, most of the spy satellites use digital image technology.

    As early as the 1960s, the research and development of "CCD chip" began. In 1969, George Smith and Willard Boyle of Bell laboratory combined video phone and semiconductor bubble storage technology to design charge "bubble" devices that can conduct charge along the semiconductor surface of digital camera, and took the lead in inventing the prototype of CCD device.

    At that time, the purpose of the invention of CCD was to improve the storage technology, and the element itself was also used as a simple memory. Then people realized that CCD can take and store images by photoelectric effect.